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Re: kde: problems with dcop and kded

hello again!

concerning the kded-problem:

>  >  > so - no problem at all if kded runs. my question now is:
>  >  > why doesn't it get started automatically?
>  >
>  >  That's what has to be found out. ;-)
>  hopefully :-)

kded now again starts automatically - i suppose one of the recent
updates fixed my problem...

for the other problem:

---- snip ----
after playing around a bit, i've found out that the permissions of
the kde-dirs in /tmp aren't set correctly:

drw-------    2 gurke    gurke        4096 Apr 25 13:28 kde-gurke
drw-------    2 gurke    gurke        4096 Apr 26 00:09 ksocket-gurke

readjusting the permissions to 700 for both dirs fixes the problem for a
---- snip ----
i still didn't receive any answer but i'm not sure if the problem persists.
i'll continue to monitor the issue and post again if it still occurs.

kind regards,

Pascal Mainini

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