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KDE Security Advisory 20040114-1 (?)

[ offering myself up to the legions of Bad Guys here, I know, but .. 
what the hell, you got to live a little ;-) ]

Reviewing KDE Security Advisory 20040114-1 (.vcf file handler buffer 
overflow), I decided that (especially since I regard .vcf files as the 
Spawn Of Satan) I would apply the workaround given in that advisory :

   "As a workaround, remove the kfile_vcf.desktop file"

and there's the funny thing : I don't have any such file on my system :

   glimmer:/usr# find / -name kfile_vcf.desktop

Does anyone know what's up here ?
I'm running "Ralf Nolden" KDE 3.1.4 (from download.k.o) on Woody.

Meanwhile, I guess it's apply-the-patch time for me.


Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK

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