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Re: kde: problems with dcop and kded [fixed]

hello folks!

>  ---- snip ----
>  after playing around a bit, i've found out that the permissions of
>  the kde-dirs in /tmp aren't set correctly:
>  drw-------    2 gurke    gurke        4096 Apr 25 13:28 kde-gurke
>  drw-------    2 gurke    gurke        4096 Apr 26 00:09 ksocket-gurke
>  readjusting the permissions to 700 for both dirs fixes the problem for a
>  while.
>  ---- snip ----

problem solved! silly problem indeed:
in one directory, i got a backup-copy of my homedir, also including the 


which pointed to the dirs in /tmp
i got a cronjob, which recursively updates the permissions on the dirs
in this directory. this cronjob then also changed the permissions on
the symlinks above. that's why they got changed all two weeks :-)


kind regards,


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