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Re: [OT] kde-i18n-ar?

tom  writes:

> Hey all, I just asked at #debian-kde, but no-one seemed to want to
> (or know an) answer, so I'm hoping this is the right place.

> I recently installed Mandrake 10 on another disk to, well, have a
> look, and I was happily surprised when I saw it offers Arabic
> support. Back in Debian, I thought I'd apt-get install kde-i18n-ar,
> but it's not there.

> Is that merely the case because i18n-ar is not a part of the
> official KDE distribution, as I learned soon thereafter? And if it
> is, does that mean even if someone would package it, it wouldn't be
> included in Debian? 

No, Debian would probably not reject it because it isn't part of the
official KDE sources, just as they would not reject KDE apps that
aren't part of KDE itself.

But it appears [1] that arabic will be part of kde 3.2.3, so there's
currently little point left to packaging it separately, I think.


[1]  http://wiki.arabeyes.org/KDEMania

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