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Re: Text Boundaries?

Am Friday 07 May 2004 17:53 schrieb Bob Tilley (AT&T):
> My idea is for the entire window to be a self-referential entity.  This
> refers to each object in the window to be aware of the size, shape,
> placement, etc. of all other objects in the window.
> Given a defined object such as the check-box with a label:  ( )  Choice A. 
> Can a program be aware of the boundaries of the imaginary rectangle
> surrounding "( )  Choice A"?  This will involve text content, text size,
> size of the button (circle), distance between the button and the label,
> etc.
> The goal is to be able to throw a set of text and controls at a window. 
> Automatically, they will all be properly positioned with spacing between
> them that would be dependant on text size, font used, etc. to create an
> aesthetic-appearing window.

This is surely possible. With wxWidgets this is called sizers. The window then 
automatically scales to let everything fit in if used properly.
QT has same abilities (should be that one: 
http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/geomanagement.html). However, some GUI 
programmers either do not know this or simply don't do it right.

Konqueror has some usability problems here, too. Not hidden, but having text 
0-pixels above a picture is not very readable (e.g. at 

However, in Konquerors settings dialog, you can see the automatic resizing. 
Bad thing that exactly there, it is bad behaviour: it should be the maximum 
needed size for _all_ components from the start.

I agree that if the KDE team has a QA, it needs some improvement ;) but I do 
not really care about that as long as it mainly works.

However, with your screenshot example, you targetted the completely wrong 
group: it is not part of KDE but can be found at 
http://kbootsplash.sourceforge.net. Maybe you want to drop the author a note.


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