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Konqueror prints in A3 size

Hi folks,

I have a strange problem.

The only way to print out a webpage from Konqueror in A4,
is to print it out in A3 size into a postscript file,
resize the ps file to A4 and print out the resulting A4 sized
postscript with kghostview.

Konqueror print to file (out.ps) -> paper size: A3
psresize out.ps (A3 -> A4)
kghostview -> print out.ps

Otherwise the webpage is distorted.

However, I could print out a webpage in the right size
from my wife's KDE profile (same machine, same printer, different

Konqueror -> paper size: A4 -> OK :-)

I do not know where to search for the differences in these two

Thanking you in advance,

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