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Re: Extragears in Debian

Tomàs Núñez writes:

> Hi Is there any plan (or any thought) to put KDE extragears in
> Debian? We have most of this apps as separate packets (eg K3b,
> kwifimanager), but not all of them. So will debian have (shortly or
> in the future) a meta-packet named "kdeextragear-1" (or 2 or 3)?

As for the metapackages: I don't see a reason to make a kdeextragear-1
metapackage, as the apps in that package don't have anything in
common.  It might make sense to make a single kdeextragear package

As for the packaging: the apps in kdeextragear-* are never released
together, and there is in general not a single point in time where
they are all in a releasable state.  So it does not make sense to
package them together imho.


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