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Links opened from KMail mistreated


At first, I had a problem that many other people seemed to have had, too 
(Konqueror asking what to do with an .html file instead of just opening 
it). Some Google told me it should just be a matter of changing the 
left click action in the "embedding" tab of text/html in KDEs file 

Indeed, I no longer get asked what application I'd like to use, but 
still Konqueror won't just open the link. It opens what seemed to be a 
cached page (file:///var/tmp/kdecache-tom/krun/31909.0.) for links that 
it know, and new links just tell me the page cannot be found (true, 
since there's no cached version of a new link).

I'm not sure what to do about this. I've tried switching to Firefox 
altogether (it's a better browser anyway; I only use Konqueror for file 
management), but it gets passed the same file:/// location instead of a 
proper link.

Does anyone recognize this? Or could anyone explain to me what's going 
wrong? While we're at it: what's the small dialog window that appears 
not long enough to be read, but says something like "opening 
<location>", after you click a link in a KDE-app?


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