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Re: kdm try to start but back to the console login

Franco Gorziglia wrote:

> Thank you, I'd checked /var/log/kdm.log and find that the problem is my
ugly microsoft wireless blue mouse, that I will change today to fix the

Oh, well, you should have said.  That's not a problem. It's just a matter of
getting your modules loaded in the right order.

I have an ugly MS wireless blue mouse.  Stupid purchasing decision, because
I instantly discovered that I can't _use_ a wireless mouse - I need a cord
to prevent it hitting the floor!

Anyway, you might need to either add "hid" to /etc/modules or just delete
the usbmouse module. The problem is that the MS Blue mouse is improperly
defined in hotplug (so you could always fix that, I haven't got around to
it) and loads usbmouse instead of hid.  Originally I found that loading hid
first was enough, but now I find I have to make sure usbmouse is _not_

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