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Arts, network transparency, nas.

I have a setup where I have a server hidden away close to my stereo set, and a 
laptop where I sit. The server has a soundblaster PCI 64 for output to the 
stereo. (Old I know but I am just using it as a testbed for my final system.)

I was trying to figure out the best way to set it up so I can use the laptop 
to control the sound output from the server (which has ogg files). My first 
idea was to install nas on the server, set up some kind of network filesystem 
and mount it on my laptop, use kaffeine on my laptop for decoding, and 
visualisations and stuff, and then output back to the server via nas. But 
this stumpled when I found out xine didn't do nas output.

Then I took a look at arts since I saw it claimed to have network transparency 
build in. But several hours of documentation scrounching couldn't explain to 
me how to set this up. I see two options potentially related to network 
transparency in KControl. First one is a simple tick-of setting, and the 
second is the output driver where nas output seems to be available. I can't 
understand how this can work without further setup. How does the nas driver 
know which server to use for output? How does arts for that matter? The 
network sound documentation for KDE sucks.

Ideas anyone?


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