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Re: default file permissions

Jan Torben Heuer wrote:
Am Sonntag, 9. Mai 2004 11:10 schrieb Ulrich Fürst:

I want to use the same mozilla-profile
for different users. But every knew file
gets the permission - r w - r - - r - -
 . So no other user can get write
access.  I found out that I should set
the sgid/suid-bit for the directories
but that doesn't help. Whenever I create
a test-file with 'touch file' it has
only write permissions for the user not
for the group.

look for umask. Maybe setting it to umask 002 in /etc/profile might help you.

umask was set to 022 but setting it to 002 either in /etc/profile or in the kde-console doesn't help for the konqueror or other programs but only for
the kde-console.


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