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Re: Kmail and filtering

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On Sunday 02 May 2004 14:19, Andreas Bauer wrote:
> Hello together...
> I do have some minor problem with Kmail (1.6.2) and filtering my spam
> mails. I have set up a filter to use spamoracle in Kmail and it worked
> fine for quite some time.
> Now it is for some reason not working anymore. Well it works, but only if
> I mark the respecting mails and choose "use filter" (or whatever this
> point is called in English - use German here). Then the mails are
> filtered correctly. But actually he should do that automatically when the
> mails come in.

You have a number of flags which influence the activity of filters. First off,
you can say when a filter should be applied (on incoming, sent an/or manual
filtering), and if kmail should stop filtering if a certain filter matches.
This is something you have to check for in every filter that comes before
your spam filtering rule.

Hope this helps.

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