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Re: kde problem with woody

One year ago i have the same problem, and the only solution i find is to 
upgrade XFree to XFree86 3 and KDE.

Le samedi 1 Mai 2004 00:19, sam kupar a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just set up a fresh install of Woody from the
> official CDs.  Whenever I try to start a KDE session,
> X crashes during the init phase.  It gets to about the
> second blink of the peripherals icon, then dies with
> no visible error message and kicks me back to kdm.  I
> tried starting it with gdm, and the same thing
> happened.
> I can start GNOME or twm sessions fine, so I know my X
> setup is at least mostly right.
> regards
> samkupar
> using linux,has improved a part of me,for sure.
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