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No sound after upgrade to unstable/KDE3.2.2

I have ForteMedia FM-801 pci sound card and it worked well with
debian woody/kde3.1.4 + alsa 0.9 compiled from sources.
+kernel 2.4.18-bf2.4
After uprading to unstable/kde3.2.2+kernel 2.6.6 my sound disappeared. 
But not at all. It _is_ after installing alsa-base+allsa-utils and 
unmuting the canals with alsamixer.
But with the first load of kde  the sound disappeares.
Rebooting doesn't help.
Helps only :
1/ apt-get remove --purge alsa-utils alsa-base
2/ reboot
3/ apt-get install alsa-utils alsa-base
4/ unmuting  with alsamixer

Sound... only from console :-(

Any manipulations with arts from Control Center give nothing
and there's no error messages

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance

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