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Re: KDE is preventing laptop disk spindown by incessant configfile-writing

I have the same problem here (writing of kdeglobals and korgacrc for no 
obvious reasons). I don't have time to check the KDE sources.

Tell me: you do want to _use_ your laptop, don't you ? If not, just put it 
into sleep :p. If you do, then you'll save data, read, whatever and - 
eventually - your HD will spin up every 5 seconds because of the ext3 commit.

I do agree that KDE shouldn't write its config files, but I don't see the 
point of (desesperately) trying to fix something which is obviously not the 
way you'll use your laptop (or at least, it is not the way I use mine ;))

If you do really want to fix that, you should take a look at tmpfs. I think 
the best way to achieve what you want is building a .kde/share/config in 
tmpfs, saving it on disk on shutdown, reading it from disk on start.

My 2 cents ...

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