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Re: Build problems w/kde 3.3 alpha 1

On Sat, 29 May 2004 12:14:31 +0100, David Pye <d.m.pye@herts.ac.uk> wrote:

On Saturday 29 May 2004 09:57, Antiphon wrote:
I just dled the latest konstruct for the alpha but it won't build. It had an extra space in the misc/pkgconfig/work/pkgconfig-0.15.0/configure file
which I took out but I still can't get it to build. The log complains
about bad permissions on /bin/sh but that is a symlink to bash. The link
is valid and I have launched both it and other configure scripts just
fine. Here's my error log:

If the configure script in work/pkgconfig-0.15.0 marked as being executable?

The error doesnt actually mean /bin/sh is a bad interpreter - it means the
shell wont allow it to run.

Have a glance. Try chmod  +x work/pkgconfig-0.15.0/configure


The exec bit was already set. I dropped into the directory and verified that the script will run when invoked with sh config.

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