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3.1.1 logout problem. Re: Additions to ktown repository Additions to ktown repository (was: compiling sim - qlist.h not found) > and < keys not working (was: Re: X4.3.0 packages?) apt-get -b source compile problems apt sources.list line for ktown Are KBackgammon crashes fixed? Arial 9pt artsdsp rosegarden4 crashes Re: ATTENTION: People with qt compilation issues read this. AW: directory change within konqueror's AW: Tried KDE 3.1 in SID Bug#182942: Found no KOffice part able to handle application/x-kword! Bug#187045: O: kimagemapeditor -- KDE-based HTML image map editor. Bug#187049: O: kxmleditor -- XML Editor for KDE Bug in libqt3 3.1.2? Was: Compiling KDE apps: Still not clear... can't compile kdehead CapsLock cdbakeoven CD Burning CD Burning -- More Help Needed Re: Compile problem with kde/qt apps compiling KDE apps Compiling KDE Apps (new thread) Compiling KDE apps: Still not clear... Compiling problem with KDE apps compiling sim - qlist.h not found Creating a private folder?` customizing desktop icons Re: DCOP Communication error (PLEASE HELP) Desktop icons mysteriously grown directory change within konqueror's Dirty hack to use KDE Widgets in QT Designer Disk mount/unmount GUI... diverse crash on kde 3.1.1 dpkg errors involving KDE3, libarts and kmail DUH, was: KDE 3.1, sid - TT fonts screwup encoding mp3 with konqueror Excessive KDE mem usage faq and readme translation fc-cache does not work after upgrade to 4.3.0 Fixed: Font problem Font problem Font problem: infamouse little squares font problem kde3.1.1 / X11_4.3 (forw) [Bug 51427] lisa should be silent when starting [ kdenetwork_3.1.1-1_i386.changes REJECTED] Funky konsole font German umlaut mystery Gideon snapshot packages available gnupgp plugg in error kmail gtk2-engines-geramik Re: gtk2-engines-geramik [solved] gui for gpg Help, just made a silly mistake how does kdm work? How Do I Burn CDs? Re: How Do I Burn CDs? AND: Context menu shell scripts How Do I Change My Keyboard Settings? How do i setup shortcuts (via keys) to start applications? how send "arab text" mail with woody+KDE 3.1+ mozilla mail 1.2.1 ? Re: how send "arab text" mail with woody+KDE 3.1+ mozilla mail 1.2.1? icons on the desktop incoming dir [ kdenetwork_3.1.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED] Fwd: Re: Is kmail (sid) already able to use the integrated GnuPG & OpenPGP support? Is kscd usable? (kdemultimedia 3.1 on ppc) k3b i18n files k3b package [was Re: How Do I Burn CDs?] K3b Problem kaddressbook in unstable? KApptemplate and admin kde2 sarge x86, QT_XFT environment and TTF weirdness. KDE 3.05 to 3.1... KDE 3.1.1 (Cheney's debs), kio_smb "internal error", wants me to report a bug, but... KDE 3.1.1 for woody + updates KDE 3.1.1(Ralf Nolden) and XFree86 4.3.0(Daniel Stone) missing libpng12-0 KDE 3.1.1 released KDE 3.1.1 Status Report KDE 3.1 and emacs/Xemacs KDE3.1 for Debian testing KDE3.1 for Sarge KDE 3.1 in Sarge? KDE 3.1 in Sid ? KDE 3.1 installation help || bare bones KDE3.1 -> kfmclient not found Re: KDE 3.1, sid - TT fonts screwup KDE 3.1 status update Re: KDE 3.1-woody: krec doesn't work kde3 problems KDE and java kdebindings 3.1 (sid) KDE Control Center - Font Installer kde/kmail and gpg-agent KDE Log Viewer KDE menus and kicker apps/menus... KDE meta-package suggestions KDE metapackage (was: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?) KDE mouse shortcuts? kdepim-dev file-conflict with kpilot kdepim packages of 3.1.1 kdepim & sid kdeprint error - kdeprint problems? Try this... kdeprint still crashing in sid Re: kdeprint still crashing in sid ( fix backported to kde 3_1 branch on thursday) KDE Usability survey KDevelop 3.0a3 problem kdevelop and ht-dig... kdevelop and kdelibs3/4 KDE woody debs on CD ? kdm and qt-3.1.2 kdm crashing kdm debconf templates translation into spanish update kdm fixing /tmp/.ICE-unix kdm restarts the x server twice and then gives up KDM with xinerama freezes when re-logging in Keyboard problem KFM error KHelpCenter and font size under 3.1 Kicker Button for Kcontrol launches wrong module Kicker slowing down kickpim kio_audiocd Re: kmail 1.3.2 (kde 2.2.2) imap reads every folder I've got?!? Kmail 1.3.2 SMTP kmail 1.3 and distribution lists The last update was on 17:43 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 965 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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