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Re: Help, just made a silly mistake

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 10:40, Joerg Platte wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 13. März 2003 11:11 schrieb Andrew Ingram:
> > re-starting X! Anyway, I cannot re-install any of these things because
> > everything seems to be depending on: libvorbis0a. But, it says that this
> You can find libvorbis0a on http://incoming.debian.org

Excellent, thanks very much! Got it and it's installed.

However, I now get:
The following extra packages will be installed:
  ark kappfinder kate kcalc kcharselect kcoloredit kcron kdelibs-bin
kdepasswd kdeprint kdf kdm kedit
  kghostview khelpcenter khexedit kiconedit kjots kmenuedit
konqueror-nsplugins konsole kpackage kpaint
  kpersonalizer kruler ksim ksmserver ksnapshot ksplash ksysguard ksysv
ktimer ktip kuser kview kwin
  mysql-navigator secpolicy
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  amor atlantik kalarm kalarmd karbon karm kate-addon-plugin
kate-kdelibs-plugin katomic kbackgammon
  kblackbox kchart kcmshell kdcop kdeartwork kdeartwork-screensaver
  kdeartwork-theme-window kdebugdialog kded kdeinit4 kdelibs-dcop
kdelibs-kabc kdelibs-kcert kdelibs-khtml
  kdelibs-kimgio kdelibs-kio kdelibs-print kdelibs-print-cups
kdelibs-style kdepim-libs kdesu kdialog kdict
  kdoctools kenolaba kfile-addon-plugin kformula kfouleggs khotkeys
kioslave kit kivio kjumpingcube
  klickety klines kmahjongg kmines knode knotes koffice-libs konquest
kontour korganizer korn koshell kpat
  kpoker kreversi ksame kscreensaver kshisen ksirc ksirtet ksmiletris
ksnake ksokoban kspaceduel kspread
  ktron ktuberling ktux kugar kwin4 kword kworldclock kxkb libdcop4
libfam-dev libfam0 libkabc1
  libkdecore-data libkdecore4 libkdefx4 libkdegames1 libkdenetwork2
libkdeprint4 libkdesu4 libkdeui-data
  libkdeui4 libkhtml4 libkio4 libkmediaplayer0 libkmid0 libkparts-data
libkparts2 libkpimexchange1
  libkscreensaver4 libkscript0 libkspell4 libktexteditor-data
libktexteditor0 libkutils1 libmcop1
  libqt3-dev libqt3-helper libqt3-mt libvcard0 lskat megami qt3-tools
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  kdebase-bin kdelibs-bin kdelibs-data kdelibs4 libarts1 libfam0c102
37 packages upgraded, 7 newly installed, 111 to remove and 4  not

Now, I don't mind the big switchover, but I need to wait and make sure
that 3.1.1 is fully available since I have (from some time ago) some
Karolina packages that created a few conflicts with the Sid stuff.
Because the Karolina stuff had the epoch moved forward so they wouldn't
get overwritten until 3.1.1 I need to wait, I don't want to risk pulling
out any Karolina binaries and end up with the conflicts again. 

Does anyone know when all of 3.1.1 should be in Sid?


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