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DUH, was: KDE 3.1, sid - TT fonts screwup

Well, DUH.  The short story is, I got my TT fonts back. I'll put down the 
longer story for the record, though, because it's a little weird.

OK, so I am using the truetype fonts located on my windows partition, making 
them available to X by having a directory (that is included in the fontpath 
in XF86Config-4) populated with symlinks to all of /C/windows/*.ttf.  The 
windows partition is of course mounted on /C, until now the mount options 
were such that everything under that path was unaccessible to ordinary user 
accounts (the mode of /C was 700). This didn't matter, since the X server 
runs as root and could use those fonts just fine.

Now, it seems that with the last upgrade, something changed in such a way that 
kde could no longer make use of those fonts. The fix turned out to be 
changing the mount options for /C, to ensure the font files are readable to 
my user account.  Simple enough -- but why did the old setup work OK until 
recently, and why did it stop working? Note that I have been using TT fonts 
with KDE, including antialiasing, since KDE 2, through the 3.0 packages that 
were once available from kde.org, and now with sid's kde3.1 as soon as it hit 
the ftp sites.

Oh, and btw there's something seriously wrong with fontconfig. Running 
fc-cache takes several hundred MB of memory, and getting fontconfig to 
reconfigure successfully required me to shutdown X and setup a temporary swap 
file, otherwise fc-cache died with an out of memory condition (taking out 
random processes in the act).  This is simply unacceptable: on another box, I 
saw fc-cache use half a GB at peak, there should at least be a warning about 
this somewhere.  You can't just assume that every debian box has well over 
half a GB of virtual memory available.
Robert J. Budzynski <Robert.Budzynski@fuw.edu.pl>

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