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Re: KDE meta-package suggestions

Ben Burton <bab@debian.org> writes:

> I like the following combination of what's already been suggested:
> kde-core (arts, libs, base - for people not needing a full-blown KDE
>     environment);
> kde (all of the official release excluding -dev and kdesdk, i.e.,
>     the KDE for general users);
> kde-devel (-dev, kdesdk, other devel stuff like kdevelop, qt3-designer,
>     also kdbg, kprof and kcachegrind should be included IMHO - I'd argue
>     that kde-devel should be a metapackage for developing KDE apps and
>     for general development within a KDE environment, not just a
>     metapackage for devel stuff that's part of the official KDE release)
> kde-extras (3rd-party apps that aren't devel-specific)
> I'm also quite happy with the idea of splitting toys and games into a
> separate metapackage, aka Daniel Schepler's suggestion.

Umm, that wasn't my suggestion.  But anyway, this sounds good to me,
whether or not there's a separate kde-time-wasters package or not. :)

If this is split out, though, it's unclear to me where kdeedu would
go.  Some of the packages there, like kstars and kmplot, would be of
general interest, whereas others are clearly game-type.  Probably the
metapackages would have to list the packages from kdeedu individually
to split them appropriately.
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                                 -- Orson Scott Card

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