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Re: KDE Usability survey

On Thursday 13 March 2003 01:08, Frank Van Damme wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 March 2003 21:27, Randy Kramer wrote:
> > I'm going on record here saying I don't want to be part of that
> > statistic.  If you tell me what your agenda is, I might or might not be
> > willing to support it.
> You're a bit paranoid I think :-)

That's the only way to avoid unwanted use of data: Don't give them.

> > BTW, with respect to some comments a little later on the main thread, I
> > hope anybody who suggests that kde be lighter, or that somebody use a
> > lighter window manager in place of kde, I hope you are aware of two
> > things:
> >
> >    * The hidden functionality underlying the kde desktop and
> > applications (things like dcop for interprocess communication).
> Or Kparts, which is just the future of desktop-unix. I am absolutely aware
> of this!
> >    * The optimization effort currently going on in kde.
> I wasn't really aware of this :-)

It would be interesting to know why the bleeding edge people insist on using 
old hardware. If you think that you want to draw people from win95 on a P100 
to to linux offering KDE3.1 you miss your audience. I wonder why not more 
effort is being put into keeping old releases up to date. I was more than 
happy with KDE1 and KDE2 vs win95. Problem was konqueror didn't support 
proxies that well at the beginning and some problem with java etc. but at 
home it was way more fun working with konqueror than that buggy IE.

I really hope I am wrong and that somebody is still developing the KDE1 and 
KDE2 branches in the cvs and that somebody still write software for those 
platforms. The day the last machine die that use them, just leave them there 
for people to learn how to heed and breed software. I don't expect a 19 year 
old hacker to understand why a 30 year old ass want to keep old things alive 
and kicking. "No, wait", you might say. We are keeping ports for many 
architectures, why should we keep ports between releases of the desktop? It 
is simply in order to make the best desktop or operating system or compiler 
available and the most stable one.

> Still I think it doesn't hurt if the developpers understand the need for
> it. That's why they take surveys after all ;-)

You take surveys when you're too lazy to listen to what people say over time, 
or when people say things that you don't agree with. If you want developers 
to understand, you have to present your idea and defend it. That's why 
developers meet in person at seminars. Only believe statistics that you have 
forged yourself...


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