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Re: KDE Usability survey

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 11:28:15PM +0100, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 March 2003 21:42, Frank Van Damme wrote:
> > Second, It may not be the design goal to run on the lowest end stuff
> > (like a system built out of Linux, Dietlibc, TinyX and twm or
> > something :-) ), ......
> Current KDE works pretty well on machines that are more than 3 years 
> old. If anything, they'd need more -- and cheap -- memory. What more do 
> you want? Those are machines you can't even buy anymore.

One of Linux's "selling propositions" is that it makes better use of the
hardware and avoids the need for expensive upgrades.  I think it's good
that as much software as possible be made as slim and fast as possible.
Or at least that the core framework (in this case KDE) be lean and fast,
allowing users to install as much "bloat" as they want.

And as part of that, it should be possible for a user to run any
program, as well integrated as possible with KDE, if it fits their
footprint better.  I'd like the usability to go into this, into making
a truly all-empowering desktop.  Perhaps one could come up with KDE
compatible drop-ins for, say, the GTK open/close dialogues ?  Maybe load
the appropriate ones depending on the WM ?  That would be so useful,
I don't know whether it's technically feasible :)

That said, I run KDE3.1 here on a 200MHz 128Mb K6/2, and am generally
reasonable satisfied with its performance as long as I don't have too
many large applications running.  The kernel, X and KDE loads in 96Mb
for the base WM, which I think is better than XP.  I think Microsoft
recommend 256Mb, and their "recommends" is usually a bare minimum :)

I just want to thank Ralf and all the others who have made all the latest
graphical stuff available on Debian !  I'm passing the upgrades on to
my friends who run Stable ...


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