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Re: DCOP Communication error (PLEASE HELP)

HI DEBIAN-KDE community.

Please help!

I have same problem too. Can somebody already solved similar problem ?

I tired to remove/repair my ~/.kde directory.

And this problem seems to me happened when I start using multihead environment,

I.e. attached TV to my Geforce2MX400 video card as second monitor.

I'm using KDE3.1 (stable) on debian sid.

Looking forward for help.

Thank you.

WBR, Vyacheslav

5 Jan 2003 13:43, Mario Teijeiro Otero wrote:

> I have using kde3.1(RC05) from carolina on sid. I have working for a weeks
> very well. But suddenly, the service kded cannot start. And don't work the
> cookies, passwords saves, etc...
> And when launch kded or any kde application from a term, says:
> _X11TransSocketOpen: socket() failed for local
> _X11TransSocketOpenCOTSClient: Unable to open socket for local
> _X11TransOpen: transport open failed for local/cormoran:0
> kded: cannot connect to X server :0.0
> ERROR: KUniqueApplication: DCOP communication error!
> If I remove ~/.kde work perfectly. But after a time, comming of the same.
> Something solutiong?
> Thank's.
> P.D.: Excuseme for may poor English.

WBR, Vyacheslav

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