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Re: Arial 9pt

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On Monday 10 Mar 2003 3:55 am, James Stark wrote:
> On March 9, 2003 12:28, Thomas Ritter wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > after 1-2 weeks I updated my KDE 3.1 - sid yesterday. After having
> > rebooted today morning, my Arial 9pt font is wrecked up. I checked the
  I think that the culprit is one of the
> packages that went into sid on Thursday or Friday (based on when I started
> noticing the problems).

The update to fontconf seems to have changed the <dir> segments in 
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf to miss out some of the font directories.  In the case 
here I would suspect /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts (which contains the 
subdirectory TrueType).  As a result the font matching algorithmn is not 
considering these fonts.

You can put this dir in /etc/fonts/local.conf and run fc-cache -f -v (as root) 
to fix it.

> I'm also seeing an issue with the spacing of the fixed width fonts.  It
> appears that for many of them, the column is double the width of the of the
> font (the effected fonts are: Clean, Console, Gothic, Impact, Mincho, Nil
> and Song Ti).  I applied the update to /etc/fonts/local.conf which was
> suggested in another tread,

Does this mean you have added the <dir> I suggested above?  Or do you mean 
adding this (which makes konsole actually use the console font)

	<test name="family">
	<edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="strong">

See the thread http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52538    for a full 

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Alan Chandler
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