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Re: KDE Usability survey

On Wednesday 12 March 2003 21:42, Frank Van Damme wrote:
> Second, It may not be the design goal to run on the lowest end stuff
> (like a system built out of Linux, Dietlibc, TinyX and twm or
> something :-) ), but I hope it isn't the goal of the kde project to
> become as big as Windows Xp or something (exageration for the sake of
> demonstration).

Current KDE works pretty well on machines that are more than 3 years 
old. If anything, they'd need more -- and cheap -- memory. What more do 
you want? Those are machines you can't even buy anymore.

I admit it freely, I easily accept more bloat if the additional 
functionality I get in turn outweighs it. This may not be aesthetically 
pleasing, but I take it there's a significant group of people who 
factually agree with me in the way they choose.

Now, how large is this later group? And, in comparison, how many people 
are there who absolutely need low resource use on a level of say 5 year 
old hardware.

In my book, it would be tendentious to ask people whether they would 
prefer KDE using less resources. Everyone does. IMHO, one of the few 
valid questions in this regard is, How many people are exluded from 
using KDE because of its resource requirements. Possibly taking into 
account affordable hardware upgrades.


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