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Re: KDE woody debs on CD ?

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Op woensdag 19 maart 2003 10:06, schreef Ralf Nolden:
> Hi,
> I'd like to ask around wether people would be interested in buying a CD
> with my woody debs that can be used with apt-cdrom add and then install the
> whole stuff on a stock woody system.
> The reason for this question is that a) it's a tremendous amount of work
> and b) I can argument with my boss that I need to continue that work :-)
> and c) we could support the KDE e.V. who is running the KDE servers and
> providing the services for KDE as well as organizing meetings (like the big
> developer meeting planned for August this year) with the money.

It sounds like a good idea, allthough I will not buy it (I'm on sid). Making 
money on Linux ought to be about selling time and effort, not the software 
itself. Good luck.
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	Casper Gielen
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