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kdm restarts the x server twice and then gives up

I am running sarge with kde 3.1 from sid. My setup was fine before today
but now when kdm runs it restarts the x server, tries again, restarts the x
sever and then gives up.

>From /var/log/syslog:

Mar 30 22:06:53 danscomputer kdm[17514]: Greeter exited unexpectedly
Mar 30 22:06:53 danscomputer kdm[17514]: Abnormal helper termination, code
127, signal 0

and eventually...

Mar 30 22:06:53 danscomputer kdm[17488]: Display :0 is being disabled
(restarting too fast)

I have tried clearing /var/lib/kdm and deleteing /etc/kde3/kdm

After finding some have had similar trouble running the nvidia driver in
xfree86 I changed to nv but that doesn't help.

I ran apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade today but no kde packages were

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