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Re: Arial 9pt

> Does this mean you have added the <dir> I suggested above?  Or do you mean
> adding this (which makes konsole actually use the console font)

Before posting my previous message to the list I added the following line to 
/etc/fonts/local.conf and ran fc-cache -v -f


As I said before this helped a lot.  Helvetica looked like Helvetica again.  
Applying Karolina's suggestion of pushing freetype back to the previous 
version fixed the issues with truetype fonts.  However the spacing issues 
with the fixed width fonts remains.

> <match>
> 	<test name="family">
> 		<string>fixed</string>
> 	</test>
> 	<edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="strong">
> 		<string>console</string>
> 	</edit>
> </match>
> See the thread http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52538    for a full
> explanation.

I added this to my /etc/fonts/local.conf and proceeded to run fc-cache -v -f.  
Now in konsole the Tiny, Small, Large and Huge fonts look proper, but Normal 
and Medium do not.  Actually I'm pretty sure that fontconfig has went and 
found a completely different face for that font size.  In comparing it to the 
Large size, it is the same size vertically, and longer horizontally, and it 
is a heavier font.


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