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Help, just made a silly mistake

OK, I've just done something quite silly. This morning, I did an apt-get
update/upgrade and dist-upgrade. What I didn't notice was that the
dist-upgrade was planning to remove:

kdebase-bin kdesktop kpager kcontrol kicker eyesapplet fifteenapplet
kaphorism kdeaddons kdetoys kicker kicker-applets klipper kmoon
knewsticker knewsticker-scripts kodo kteatime kweather
kdelibs4 libfam0c102 libkonq4 libqt3c102-mt kde-theme-liquid kdebase-dev
kdelibs4 kfind kmail konq-addon-plugin konqueror libkonq-dev libkonq4
libvorbis0a arts-dev artsbuilder kasteroids kbattleship kbounce kdegames
kdelibs-arts kdelibs-bin koffice kolf kpresenter libartsc0 libartsflow1
libartskde1 libsoundserver-bin libsoundserver1 libvorbis-dev libvorbis0
mpeglib mplayer-686 noatun noatun-addon-plugin sox

So now, I'm left with a machine that I better not try rebooting or
re-starting X! Anyway, I cannot re-install any of these things because
everything seems to be depending on: libvorbis0a. But, it says that this
package is not installable! Help! Does anyone know how to get me out of
this mess?

Thanks in advance,

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