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Re: KDE Usability survey

>> This is good to know. So, chown root:root /tmp/.ICE-unix directory will
>> increase system performance?
>> What about removing kwrited and Klipper? Are these safe changes for
>> improvements?
>Please look at Seli's page there and you'll fine some good tricks to
>KDE to the amount that it will be fast on slow machines :-)
Thanx! I'll have a look as soon as I finish building KDE-3.1 on my
Daughters machine. It's a 200MHz PentiumMMX with 196M memory. Her school is
also using KDE-3.1 on Debian via diskless terminals and she is complaining
that it takes too long to load. Debian has some greate points, but on
limited/special hardware set-ups, custom configuration and building can
yield some great improvements.



      John Gay

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