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Re: Is kscd usable? (kdemultimedia 3.1 on ppc)

Le Jeudi 13 Mars 2003 21:19, Chris Cheney a écrit :
> Something I forgot to mention earlier is that PC optical disks have had
> spdif connectors on them for several years now. So even if you are an
> audiophile using a cable (a spdif one) would still result in good quality.

On recent PCs, on-the-fly ripping (1x) does not take so much cpu time.
The analog cable was useful for 486, but I really think that it is outdated 
now (maybe for some old drives that can't extract audio digitally).

The problem is that the current linux kernel is unable to use DMA for audio 
ripping (related to the sector size) on IDE drives. And without DMA, the cpu 
load is high... Something like playing a dvd video vithout overlay...

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