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Re: K3b Problem

On 03/03/11 at 19:04 Robert Tilley (tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com) wrote :
> I'm using the K3b debs from kelden's site and have a problem.  When I select  

Who is kelden ? I recognize the beginning of my last name, but not the
end :)

> Burn..., the dialog has no entries in the Write with section.  I've even 
> verified my cdreader and cdwriter setup is correct in K3b Setup, and this 
> problem persists.

Upgrade to the k3b package which is now in sid.

For that delete any previous k3b file: 
dpkg -P k3b ( To be sure to have any k3bsetup file)

The k3b package come with a default configuration, but you have to lauch
k3bsetup to adapt it to your computer.

Hope it will works.

Jean-Michel Kelbert

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