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kde2 sarge x86, QT_XFT environment and TTF weirdness.


I am using the default kde packages from debian sarge on x86 (kde
(libqt2 => qt 2.3.1)

I also have X setup to use TTF. I know my TTF setup works -- all
other non-kde apps can see TTF correctly (phoenix, mozilla,
sylpheed, etc.).

Here is the problem:

Starting from a clean slate (remove ~/.kde and ~/.kderc), if I go
to the font panel of the kde control center, I can choose any
available TTF font. But, once I make my change, I can no longer see
the same list of fonts. I see a vastly smaller list (about 6-7 fonts

If I launch "kcmshell fonts" from an xterm, I can see _all_ fonts,
including TTF. Selecting a TTF font for any category renders it

I finally tracked it down to ONE single environment variable:

Any app launched from within kde has this environment variable set.

If I launch a kde app from an xterm, this variable is unset.

To confirm my hypothesis, I started an X session using fluxbox as
the window manager.

I started kword from an xterm. Here are the results:
  bash$ QT_XFT=1 kword
    I don't see _any_ TTF fonts.

  bash$ kword
    I see _all_ TTF fonts; I can add text in any TTF font I wish.

So, my question is:
  Who set this magical environment variable in kde?
  I couldn't find any script or exe mucking with this env var.

And, what is the mystery behind this strange behaviour? All the
usenet postings seem to indicate the exactly opposite behavior.

I am totally baffled!

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Much thanks,

(I am not subscribed to this mailing list. Could you please CC me on
any replies?

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