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Re: KDE 3.1.1 for woody + updates

fredagen den 21 mars 2003 23.38 skrev FnScHy:

> Isn't it blaming to read the history of kde-women:
> "Everything started at the exhibition "Systems 2000" in November in
> Munich with long nights, good music, lots of beers and an idea... and 3
> people having a good time: Ralf Nolden, Torsten Rahn and Eva ..."

Is Ralf a woman? I have kind of missed that. KDE women is by women, and for 
women, isn't it? Or maybe I missed something else.

Anyway; I think I have not gotten anything on the KDE-woman mailing list for a 
very, very long time. So it appears to be a dead project. Good idea, though.

Katie is cute!


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