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Re: Is kscd usable? (kdemultimedia 3.1 on ppc)

On Wednesday 12 March 2003 11:52 am, Frank Murphy wrote:
> So it turns out that this is a bug in kscd. Because NewWorld Macs
> don't have a wire going from the CD drive to the sound card, the
> system has to push the sound to the card itself. It seems that only
> xmms has a plugin to do this. Most other programs (including kscd)
> just start the CD drive and expect the audio to just end up at the
> soundcard.
> There's already a wishlist bug against it in KDE. I added one in
> Debian as well.

I hope when somebody addresses this they consider all relevant factors.

In Windows (95) when using Easy Cd Creator, if I copy a disk from a CD 
without that audio cable, I get a digital copy.  With the cable 
installed I seem to get an analog copy.  Don't know where the magic is 
that does that, but the feature is exploitable -- sometimes when I have 
a bad CD (something with scratches or whatever) I get a better copy 
going the digital route and sometimes I get a better copy going the 
analog route.

Randy Kramer

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