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Re: How Do I Burn CDs?

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On Monday 03 Mar 2003 23:34, David Bishop wrote:
> On Monday 03 March 2003 04:13 pm, Jean-Michel Kelbert wrote:
[re: k3b]
> > I wanted to package it for unstable, but I have made a first
> > package. But I don't think that k3b rules. The wizard sucks ! It
> > made change on devices and program permission. I think this is a
> > bad idea. k3b also
> Well, broken permissions are the #1 problem people have with cd
> burning on linux, bar none.  Relying upon distributions to make this
> easy/simple/actually work has not been successful in the past, so the
> app authors end up working around this.  k3b is *not* the only cd
> burning prog to do this, iirc, cdbakeoven does the same thing.

It does, and it can be a right pain.

Debian systems do have infrastructure for CD-Burning facilities to have 
the correct permissions already setup (via the cdrom group), so I am 
going to try and get cdbakeoven upstream to either allow the setuptool 
to be seeded with answers or bypassed, at least for Debian systems.

Paul Cupis
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