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Re: KDE 3.1.1 (Cheney's debs), kio_smb "internal error", wants me to report a bug, but...

On Thursday 20 March 2003 04:40, Daniel Stone wrote:

> > Most files get the executable flag set even though they are just data
> > files like pictures or music.
> Yeah, Windows has no concept of the executable bit. Try mounting a vfat
> filesystem some day - everything's executable. It's a limitation, not a
> bug, and there's nothing we can do about it.

But that must mean the io-slave assumes all files are executable? Can't it 
instead assume that they are not. This is always the case (with good 
approximation :). I think that would be much more logical. Also there are 
utillities on all debian system to determine file type from "magic bits". If 
the file type is known, it should be a simple matter to determine if the file 
is executable or not. Even just checking for ".exe" file name could be a 
viable option as far as I can see. Anyway for an easy sollution I would very 
much appreciate that the executable bit was NOT set.

Still there is something which is strange. In my mp3 dir on a windows share, 
the very first file shows up without executable bit, but the rest of the 
files does have the bit set. So how do I explain that?

> > Anyway smb browsing seems to have a very low priority in the kde project,
> > which I think is sad because for me it is an essential feature.
> Hard to find developers who use it. You can't really write/maintain
> something you don't ever use.

True. And I have to focus on studying quantum physics, otherwise I would do it 


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