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Re: directory change within konqueror's

El Miércoles, 5 de Marzo de 2003 20:48, sven kissner escribió:
> hi,
> i have an 'issue' with konquereor. for i prefer a mc-like view, it's not
> very handy to switch to higher directories. there's only one navigation bar
> and i have to activate the window i want to cd in and then can cd with the
> arrows of the navigation bar. is there any possibility to display '.' and
> '..' (although just '..' would do the trick), a 'higher directory' or
> something else within both windows (the way mc does..). this would make
> life much easier.
> i crawled through all imaginable options but wether i'm blind or there's
> simply no appropriate option (or maybe both ;-7 )

Use krusader http://apps.kde.com/nf/2/info/id/618

> thanks
> sven
> --
> ..never argue with idiots. they drag you down to their level and beat you
> with experience..

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