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font problem kde3.1.1 / X11_4.3


I updated my system to kde3.1.1 / X11_4.3 using Ralfs packages. Mostly 
everything works perfect, but one exception: The font, used by 'konsole' 
looks like this:

 V e r y  u g l y

(it is also bold...)

I found some things about defining font aliases from 'mono' to 'fixed' via 
XftConfig, but then i realized, that this was already there.

I also noticed that the 'font installer' in the Control Center does not 
provide any font for a normal user ('No Fonts'). If i switch to administrator 
mode, a dialog pops up saying: "File does not exist and folder is not 

After that, the fonts list is populated with many entries, but preview does 
not work for any of them.

Any suggestions?


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