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Re: Is kscd usable? (kdemultimedia 3.1 on ppc)

kscd does not use arts, as the cd-audio signal goes straight from the cdplayer 
to the soundcard (on a desktop, you can often play cds without even running 
an OS).  kscd works on i386 (I'm listening to Nora Jones with it right now), 
but I cannot vouch for ppc.  If other cd apps work (like workbone), then I'm 
truly stumped, but my first guess is that your cd channel is muted.  Start 
kmix and see for yourself.

On Wednesday 12 March 2003 06:10 am, Frank Murphy wrote:
> I'm running sid on my iBook, and I'm trying to play a CD. I start the cd in
> kscd, but no sound comes out. Checking Arts Control, kscd is not attached
> to arts. Is this a problem specific to power PC? Can anyone else
> successfully use kscd?
> Frank
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