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Re: How Do I Burn CDs? AND: Context menu shell scripts

Am Montag, 3. März 2003 19:34 schrieb Fred K Ollinger:
> cdrecord -dev=0,0,0 -data myfolder.iso


Just a note: I made the following bash script and bound it in Konqueror to the 
MIME type of "directory", with "execute in an xterm" or however this option 
says in english.
Now I just have to right-click a directory and select "Burn directory 
on-the-fly" from the context menu and the burning process starts, as I don't 
care about CD names and so on.

mkisofs -r -J $* | sudo cdrecord -v -overburn \ 
    -eject -isosize -data -
echo Please press ENTER.

It's simple and useful. You just have to configure your device in 
/etc/cdrecord/cdrecord, so all defaults are okay.

To all: I am sure many people made such easy scripts for various uses and 
bound them to mime types in konqueror (think about "wget this recursively"). 
How about collecting these and making a package from all this, 
"konqueror-helpers" or so... I am missing a lot of useful commandline tools 
from KDE and just starting them in an xterm should be a good idea.
This could even get a bigger project, with a kcontrol module to choose from 
many utilities.

To the .deb-specialists and KDE package maintainers: Debian has a MIME 
registry with filetype-program and filetype-action associations (like "view" 
or "edit"). Is there any reason not to write a script 
"update-konqueror-actions", making .desktop-files for all those mime types? 
It just would have to store whichh files are autogenerated to be able to 
remove them when the package is removed.
Or does apt have a directory for scripts executed after every 
install/update/remove action? This would be even better, then the 
.desktop-files would be always up-to-date.
There are even things like "needsterminal" in /etc/mailcap...

If anyone except me finds this useful, I will write it, that shouldn't be so 
much work in python or perl ;)

kappfinder does this the other way round, it maintains a small set of 
applications with hand-written .desktop files. With debian and apt and its 
mime registry system (which should be far more used my package maintainers) 
this should be handled smarter.

PS: There is no MIME type for "ISO-Image"? And CUE-Sheets?
Thomas Ritter

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