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Re: ATTENTION: People with qt compilation issues read this.

On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 01:58:54PM -0700, David Bishop wrote:

> He shall remain nameless as to avoid embarassment, but one person so
> far has had gcc installed but not g++.  If you are having problems,
> please make sure that you have g++ 3.2.3 installed.  Again, *g++*
> 3.2.3 installed, as gcc doesn't do you much good by itself.


here's my combination of errors: I had 

- no g++ 3.x installed,
  (then I installed "gcc", thinking it would pull along c++..)	;)
- $CXX=gcc-2.95 in /etc/profile,				:-)
- symlinked g++ -> g++-2.95 in /usr/bin,			8-)
- libqt3-headers wasn't installed 
  (provides /usr/include/qt3)					8-}
- and I didn't use --with-qt-includes as told.			8*}

well... I need more sleep. ;)

mfg, Jens Benecke	
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