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Re: KDE Usability survey

On Tuesday 11 March 2003 23:36, perlcgi2000 wrote:
> I'm doing some research into the usability of KDE.
> Hopefully the results can be fed into the KDE
> Usability project (http://usability.kde.org) and help
> improve future versions of KDE.
> The survey only takes 5 minutes to fill out and can be
> found at

Sorry, I looked at the survey and just couldn't bear to fill it out.  I 
haven't been on the list long, and don't know you, but I couldn't help 
but get the feeling that you have some hidden agenda, and whatever I 
say will be used to create a statistic to support that agenda.

I'm going on record here saying I don't want to be part of that 
statistic.  If you tell me what your agenda is, I might or might not be 
willing to support it.

BTW, with respect to some comments a little later on the main thread, I 
hope anybody who suggests that kde be lighter, or that somebody use a 
lighter window manager in place of kde, I hope you are aware of two 

   * The hidden functionality underlying the kde desktop and 
applications (things like dcop for interprocess communication).

   * The optimization effort currently going on in kde.

Randy Kramer

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