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Re: KDE Usability survey

On Thursday 13 March 2003 00:01, kosh wrote:
> I don't care if it becomes 10 times as large as Windows XP so long as it is
> using that to do something useful. For example the kde ioslaves save me a
> huge ammount of time since I can use just about any url protcol from any
> app transparently. I really don't care what load that puts on the system
> because frankly it is worth it. Memory is cheap and so is cpu power and for
> what I do (building custom web apps) the time saving of a system like that
> are worth the minor cost involved. For about $500 you can get an athlon xp
> 2200, a KT400 board and 1G of DDR333 ram.

That is indeed what I paid for my kt400 based system, be it with somewhat less 
memory  :) . 

I frankly also don't care what Xp uses its memory for, except for keeping the 
wintel upgrade cycle alive. I am not running it as a desktop system and I 
never will. 

> It would be nice if kde where faster then it is now sure but I would not
> trade that speed for features that I use now and hope to get more of in the
> future. I would like it if I could embed kate in all <textarea> </textarea>
> objects on the web so that I could use a real editor in them. If it uses up
> more memory to do that I don't really care because the gain would be worth
> it. The stuff could be made optional but I want the option to turn all of
> it on that saves me time. kioslaves save me a good 30 minutes or so day and
> that is 2.5 hours/week or 125 hours/year. For 125 hours I can afford to
> sink a lot more into hardware if that is what it takes.

Personally, I would consider kvim for text areas... but I fully agree with 
what you're saying about using memory for Something Useful. 

> > So I find the most important thing that KDE can focus on, snappyness and
> > system requirements. And stability off course.
> I would hope they focus on stability and features primarily. Hopefully by
> making things more modular they can make it faster and more featureful
> since if you don't use those features you won't take the speed hit.

That's what they're currently doing. A kioslave that you don't run or a kpart 
you don't embed is one that doesn't get loaded into memory. Just look at 

Frank Van Damme

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