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Re: KDE woody debs on CD ?

If I may put in my 2 cents, I think you underestimate the new Linux users. I 
DID pay for/Buy/purchase the 7 Debian Woody distro CD's without hesitation 
because I did not want to be without a package, although I knew that you 
could download the needed packages to me there is nothing like having a set 
of disks. I am a new user to Debian and KDE and let me say that I bow before 
you all who write such great code and to Ralf and all the KDE and Debian 
crew, thanks. Here in the US people pay gladly for something they really love 
and to me Linux distros are a far better value for the money then any Windows 
or Mac  products. It may not be my place to respond here but I will always 
purchase the new Distros as they come out. I feel better knowing that I can 
start over with an install if I screw something up. I hope other people feel 
that by paying a small fee for others work you further your distro of choice 
without hurting the free software cause. Keep the servers up for those who 
wish to use them but for the Dialup and New users keep the Distro disks and 
the Update disk coming. Sorry if I offended someone, that is not my intention 
but Ralf needs to eat. Let us know where we can purchase the KDE update disks.

Thanks for all the hard work

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