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Re: KDE Usability survey

On Wednesday 12 March 2003 07:08 pm, Frank Van Damme wrote:
> You're a bit paranoid I think :-)


> >    * The optimization effort currently going on in kde.
> I wasn't really aware of this :-)
> Still I think it doesn't hurt if the developpers understand the need
> for it. That's why they take surveys after all ;-)

"the need for it"

So you already have decided what you want to tell the developers, now 
you just want a presumably "impartial" survey to back up what you have 
decided is needed.

Why not instead write an email along the lines: 

"I think KDE is [slow | bloated | <whatever> ] and think they should 
address the following list of things:

   * <later>
   * <later>

I'd liike to turn this into a petition or something similar -- if you 
feel the need for the same thing, please send me your name, and when I 
forward the [RFE | petition | whatever} I will include your name as a 
co-[sponsor | requestor | whatever}."

Randy Kramer

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