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k3b package [was Re: How Do I Burn CDs?]

On 03/03/03 at 18:57 David Bishop (tech@bishop.dhs.org) wrote :
> authors end up working around this.  k3b is *not* the only cd burning prog to 
> do this, iirc, cdbakeoven does the same thing.

I know. So I don't know what a good package should made. I have to
re-think on that I think !

> You won't find me complaining about what you do or do not do in your spare 
> time*, even when I really, really, want the app you are packaging.  Good luck 
> in whatever your endevours take you to next :-)

I don't know if I will package it, or not. As a said previsously, I had
to see what should be the best for packaging it !
Should I modify the source, or not ?

You will find a package of k3b on http://people.debian.org/~kelbert/
It don't have modify any line of the upstream code in this package.

Feel free to report any bug directly to me. Don't use the BTS.

Jean-Michel Kelbert

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