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Re: DUH, was: KDE 3.1, sid - TT fonts screwup

Alan Chandler <alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk> writes:

> There was a bug in libfreetype which caused it to screw up reading .gz files.  
> Its fixed in the cvs, not sure if its been fixed in debian.  fc-cache uses 
> libfreetype to get the characteristics out of each font.  I think one of the 
> problems was that it misread the header and sometimes expected a zero 
> terminated string which wasn't necessarily there.

Hmm, maybe.  With the latest version of fontconfig in sid, I think
memory usage of fc-cache maxed at about 250 MB rather than the
previous 500 MB.  Still pretty bad, but not quite as disastrous to my
Robert J. Budzyński 
Computer Center, Dept. of Physics, Warsaw University, Poland

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