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Keyboard problem

Hi. I've a little problem here...

I just upgraded to XFree86 4.3 packages from Ralf, and I just noticed the 
keyboard doesn't behave the way it is supposed to anymore. Let me explain:

I use an Italian pc-105 keyboard (it layout). I don't know if there are other 
layouts with this "feature" around, but with this one it is necessary to hit 
Alt(Right)+key to print several symbols. For example, if you want to get '@' 
you need to press Alt(Right)+ò. Square and curly brackets are also typed this 
way. This is how it used to work until... well, until 20 minutes ago :(. 

Now the problem: after I upgraded XFree86 to 4.3, this doesn't work anymore. 
(i.e. I had to cut-and-paste the above '@' from another window). Does anyone 
know how to fix it?

thanks and regards


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