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Re: KDE 3.1.1 Status Report

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 02:09:28PM +0000, Caoilte O'Connor wrote:
> I'm trying to workout if this was deliberately inconsiderate or not. 
> It's not like kde 3.1.1 has been officially released (as far as i can 
> tell). What you have done is force people still using other packages 
> to upgrade to the incomplete sid ones if they want a package.
> Grumble aside, can anyone tell me how to pin my packages to come in 
> preference from another repositary?
> c

I always build from branch to get all the latest bug fixes, the version
number on the packages are just approximately what it should be called.
KDE 3.1.1 was released to packagers around tuesday, and that is what I
am building from.  If you want a working KDE at all in Debian stop
complaining, I won't have a pc after sat for several weeks or more. After
dinstall today KDE in sid should be working.  kdenetwork and kdepim are in
the _new_ queue and should go into sid in a few days. The differences
between KDE 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 are relatively minor, primarily consisting
of bug fixes.  The debs that were in sid prior to this were much worse
than they are now, most of them not building on anything but i386 at all.

I do not know how pinning works.


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